Houses of Horror in Google Streetview


Like many of you, I grew up on many of the 80's horror flicks. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween ... each causing their own level of lost sleep and goosebumps. Now that I'm older and boring, I took a quick curious tour of many of the horror houses and wanted to share them. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) View in Google Maps [ read more ]

Receiving Credit for Funding Programs


For once, I'd like for organizations who ask for money from the government to actually acknowledge that it is taxpayers who are funding those programs, not the stuffed suits at city halls, state capitols and Washington DC.

Merging Traffic in a Construction Zone


Merging Traffic in Construction Zone Had this pile of stupidity happen to us the other day on our way to Corydon, Indiana. Selfish, unattentive or practically stupid people waiting until the last second to merge, causing mi... [ read more ]

Hillary Announces She Is Gay


Wait...I'm sure there is some Hillary out there who did announce she is gay, but it wasn't the one you thought...but let's be honest, that's why you're here. With Jason Collins and Michael Sam recently announcing their orientation and continued debates in state legislatures about definitions of marriage, I'm reminded again of our human hypocracy. We are perfectly fine giv... [ read more ]

The Search for Truth in the Color Blue


Searching for Truth in the Color Blue Because we BELIEVE it, doesn't make it true. Take for instance, a couple of scenarios. Just because someone says "George Bush was the worst President in history"...doesn't make it an abso... [ read more ]

More Likes on Facebook than Healthcare.Gov


More Likes on Facebook than Healthcare Gov As of the date of this post had 296,114 likes on Facebook. Let's see how that compares to some others... Humans of New York had 3,415,733 likes. I Hate Clow... [ read more ]

Meme: I Know I'm Right


Meme I Know I'm Right
When you have no thoughts of your own, this is how you sound.
"I'm right because ... I know... and that's a fact."

Tolerance Party Still Hates Bush


Tolerance Party Still Hates Bush Tolerance Party Still Hates Bush[ read more ]

Politically Right or Wrong


The only way to determine whether you're politically right or wrong is to give the other side an objective look.

An Interesting Synonym for Communication


An interesting synonym for communication Okay, so here's a screenshot of that I thought was interesting, mabye even revealing. I was searching for a good synonym for "Communication." Anyone see the synonym that stoo... [ read more ]

This Old House features Hoosier Product


Sani Seal Wax Less Toilet Gasket I love it when I find U.S. made products that I can use. I really get excited when I find those same products have a local presence. Imagine my excitement when I found a local product that was being featured on This... [ read more ]

Brack Eats Crow and Continues Digging


Two days ago, I posted my skepticism with numbers that were being published by our local paper, sourced from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. The numbers in question were the job gains reported for Decatur County, Indiana... 1190 jobs in 2013. These numbers didn't seem to jive with numbers I had found at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So I asked the DWD f... [ read more ]

Indiana DWD vs United States BLS


------------------------------------------ UPDATE 2-21-14: Indiana DWD reports numbers directly from the BLS, so any discrepancy implied below occurs directly with BLS, not the Indiana DWD. As such, the post below has become too butchered. Please refer to my updated post that I'll post later today. ------------------------------------------ On February 13, 2014, our ... [ read more ]

Great Commision in America


As christians, how would you react to the knowledge that folks from other countries come to the US to fulfill the great commission?

Michael Sam Comes Out of the Locker Room


Michael Sam Comes Out of the Locker Room Michael Sam came out of the metaphorical locker room last week. To be honest, I don't follow college football, so I have no idea who he is. that I know he is gay...I... still...don't really know... [ read more ]

Obama's Minimum Wage Hike


Obamas Minimum Wage Hike President Obama's remarks yesterday shows how he views hard working folks who make less and how he views hard working folks who make more. Maybe I'm a little higher strung lately with new tone & magical "pen". ... [ read more ]

Reuse Update: Vanity Drawers get new life


Reused Vanity Drawers I HATE THROWING AWAY ANYTHING OF VALUE. I save peanut butter jars, sections of good wood, boxes...anything I think I can reuse. So when we tore out a bathroom in our last house, I had to find a new use for the draw... [ read more ]

Truth Of Life #1


Brownies Do not judge a brownie by its appearance. Photo credit : Originally posted to Flickr as brownies...yawn...boooring... [ read more ]

Meme: On Friendships and Relationships


It's weird, no one needs me when I finally have time for them.