Reuse Update: Vanity Drawers get new life


Reused Vanity Drawers
I HATE THROWING AWAY ANYTHING OF VALUE. I save peanut butter jars, sections of good wood, boxes...anything I think I can reuse. So when we tore out a bathroom in our last house, I had to find a new use for the drawers from the old vanity. This project was posted to my former blog to show how easy it was to take some trash and make a treasure.

I personally don't post to Pinterest, but I certainly have browsed what others are pinning. I did a quick check the other day to see how many pins this project received and it blew my mind. Since posting this project in early January 2010, it has been pinned over 3700 times. I had no idea that a little project like that would be worth sharing that many times. So THANKS to all that have pinned it.

Just in case I run into a discarded set of drawers again, what do you think could be made out of them?

Update 7/28/2015

The pincount has now reached well over 48000.
I've found over 260 likes and 240 shares here.
I've found over 600 likes and 180 shares here.
I've found over 5700 likes and 1490 shares here.
I've found over 1850 likes and 1370 shares here.
I've found over 1020 likes and 1240 shares here.

And this one blows my mind...
I've found over 24000 likes and 184000 shares here.

Just wanted to say thanks.

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