Brack Eats Crow and Continues Digging


Two days ago, I posted my skepticism with numbers that were being published by our local paper, sourced from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. The numbers in question were the job gains reported for Decatur County, Indiana... 1190 jobs in 2013. These numbers didn't seem to jive with numbers I had found at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So I asked the DWD for clarification.

After a rather rude email series from the first person at the DWD, I've found that the Indiana DWD only reports numbers that they acquire from the BLS. So if numbers don't jive, then either I'm not comparing correct data or the discrepancy lies with the BLS.

So, I'm starting this study over. The original source of the numbers is likely from the Local Area Unemployment Statistics. The LAUS estimates are based on a survey and are not a true job number, but one the BLS assumes as a likely estimate of the number of people employed. Using the data from the LAUS, Decatur County went from 11213 employed in December of 2012 to 12427(preliminary) in December 2013. That's a job gain of 1214 in 2013. I'll accept that number on its surface, as I've been helped through the data process.

One thing I did realize, which I know others arrived at much sooner than I, is, jobs reported as gained in Decatur County are not necessarily going to Decatur County residents.

I couldn't let this issue go just yet. I wanted to see how many jobs I could find reported in news articles. Here are my findings.

3/12/2013 - Valeo plans 200, moving part-time to full time

10/3/2013 - DCMH minus 30

10/11/2013 - Honda 300

12/14/2013 - Jimmy Johns 10?

01/10/2014 - Hitachi 32

01/24/2014 - Delta 100

Can't count these in 2013 numbers
02/05/2014 - Fuzion expects to hire 15 by 2019

If you know of other new jobs that were added in 2013, comment below and we'll add them.

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