This Old House features Hoosier Product


Sani Seal Wax Less Toilet Gasket
I love it when I find U.S. made products that I can use. I really get excited when I find those same products have a local presence. Imagine my excitement when I found a local product that was being featured on This Old House.

I wanted to share with you Sani Seal, a WAX-LESS toilet gasket. You might be asking, "Why is Brack writing a post about a toilet gasket?" This is not a paid ad or a paid post, I'm not getting some kind of kickback, I just thought maybe others in my sphere would like hearing about a Hoosier success story and might be willing to support a local venture.

I won't go into telling the story for them, but have a look at their website,

If you know contractors, or neighbors who are redoing their bathrooom, share this post with them and tell them about this product.

Have a great Saturday.

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