The Search for Truth in the Color Blue


Searching for Truth in the Color Blue
Because we BELIEVE it, doesn't make it true.

Take for instance, a couple of scenarios.

Just because someone says "George Bush was the worst President in history"...doesn't make it an absolute truth.
"Barack Obama is the worst President in history"... true in the minds of many, but not universal.
"Evolution is true"...not of it may be, but many believe it is simply a theory.
"If you jump from a plane with no parachute, you will fall"...I'm sure we could find a few to argue this but it is getting as close to truth as we can get.
"Fire is hot"...sure I believe that, most probably would.
"The picture above is not blue"...sure, but why do we not call it blue? Because most believe it is red.

What I am saying, then, is that absolute truth is hard to find, its elusive. But, I think, we should strive to find it as often as we can.

Unfortunately, many arguments, divorces, ended friendships and wars occur because folks do not even try.

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