Monumental Overlay

January 1st, 2016, make a resolution to #BeMonumental. Let everyone know that you've made your monumental resolution by applying this Monumental Overlay to your profile picture!

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Random Drawing Generator

Every once in a while I come across the need for an online version of drawing a random name out of a hat.

Some of the sites I've seen out there require registration, and I don't need another username and password to remember. ... read more

How Many Helium Balloons Calculator

Ever wanted to know how many helium balloons it would take to lift you off the ground? or lift your car? or ... read more.

How Many Days Until ... Calculator

My 4-year-old asks me once a week, "How many days til my birthday?"

I could get my smartphone out, click on the calendar and start counting days. I could go old-school, walk to the fridge, and start counting from the pretty picture calendar. I could also guess, but kids ... read more


Pick Your NCAA Brackets Based on Your Favorite Location

For example, maybe your favorite place is Hershey, Pennsylvania because you love chocolate. You would enter 40.285924 and -76.650247 for your latitude and longitude. Once you click "PICK MY TEAMS", the GeoBracket software will rank teams that are closest to your favorite location and are seeded higher. ... read more

Goal Widget, Fundraising Thermometer

Goal Widget, Fundraising Thermometer more